zomboy (zomboy6) wrote,


Yesterday my love for Bear Grylls grew even bigger. "I also enjoy getting into a cosy bed with my pyjamas on, and watching the X Factor." Could the man be any more perfect? I think not.
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They're having an evening with Bear Grylls at a church near my work (ie in Chelsea)...unfortunately you probably have to hear about Jesus before you get to spend time with Bear.
Damn! I new there was a reason I should belive in GOD.

Deleted comment

He's a big ol' christian but i try not to think about that, just him in his pajamas...

supervisor = hot!

Deleted comment

Hello Dr!
But night clothes are wrong! No clothes is better.
you saucy thing! actually i'm a no clothes to but its nice to see a man in pj's!
...And that could all change if I get one of those Night Shirts...
Still not down with men in pyjamas. No sir.
One time gratuitously ate a frog, just to SHOW HE COULD. So he is a horrible man. Poor frog.
I eat cow and pig everyday just becasue I CAN.
No! I rescued a frog from the road last night so perhaps it makes amends for Bad Bastard Bear.x
Stop ganging up on him, i am sure he was stuck in the gungle and had nothing else too eat...
whoops jungle, but i bet he could escape from a gungle if he had to.
eww and if you picked up a frog you will get warts all over your hands = true!


9 years ago