zomboy (zomboy6) wrote,

Can Bears Swim?

I have been out the pool for a while now. Had a nasty bout of gout which left me laid up and depressed for several weeks. All better now, well kind of, I have drugs that sort the problem which is always good. And now I have a beard.

Anyway I have been swiming every day this week and really enjoyed it. I think my swimming has really improved. I am not going to stay involved in the gay swim club anymore. I have enjoyed swimming so much this week and part of that is not having to worry about how many lenghts I will have to swim. So going to carry on just loving the feeling.

EXCITMENT! Today I think some cruising occured? I have never reeally considered myself a cub or a bear. I guess now with my beard I may be classed as having a bear asthetic? I am not really sure where the peramiters sit but I guess I am in that spectrum somewhere. Well this kid, must have been 24ish with a nice flourish of chest hair, kept looking at me, I would start swimming and he would follow. He would set off and then look back to see if I was following all very odd but quite sexy at the same time. Anyway the best bit was at one point I set off and he darted off underneath me. Watching his body glide beneth mine was awesome. We got out the pool and showered together, well, at the same time but not together. Then I got dressed and left. Lunch times can be fun!
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