zomboy (zomboy6) wrote,

Dive in

Had a brill swim today. Been a bit of a miserable git of late but am now coming out of it. Think the post election blues just lingered.

My new swimming lesson group are all better swimmers and a couple of the boys have that attitude which I hate, the attitude that appears when people (when I say people I mainly mean boys) are quite good at something and cocky and competative. They start to slate the teacher, bitch that the lessons are too basic, not covering what they should, or getting impatient when the instructor takes extra time to explain. Shut up boys, it's fun, it's dirt cheap coz were gay and this lovely (totally hott lesbian) woman has taken time out to give us her knowledge. Still really enjoyed it, mainly because the instructor is so lovely, pushed me hard but in a really nice way. OK I admit it I just love being shouted at by women.

Responding to my Dad's email was a BIG mistake, he has become a very big religious bigot. Being gay makes him sick, do I have AIDS, how much sadness my Mum must have gone through, blah, blah, blah. After all that and some stuff about sin thrown in for good measure he said he was looking forward to getting to know me better and become a 'stable force in my life'. UH NO! Totally made me realise how great my friends and family are and how lucky I was that my mum had the courage to divorce him and head back to England, raising me and my sister alone. PHEW! But yeah, my friends and life I have made are great. Thanks guys, love ya and my rad queer life!
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