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Haha, since starting my swiming blog I haven't been swimming. Oh well. I went on Monday but that's it. Post election blues and taking a total battering at ATR has left me drained, exhausted and bruised.

Got the email from my dad, in the end there was nothing to worry about it was very lovely and heartfelt. I sent a massive reply filling him in on the last 20 years and basically saying how rad my queer life is. I had to ask him to not end his email's 'god bless' which I did in a nice but firm way.

Tonight a friend is coming over for dinner but I have left tidying the flat until the last minute and can't be done with cooking, pizza delivery it is then. Plus I have to be at a meeting until 6 rubbish!

This weekend includes a return to the Bop, I can not wait, my dancing feet are itching to hit the floor. But as my first swim with the big boys is on Sunday drinking will be restricted, not an easy task for me.
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