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Swim Time

Right, 7 weeks ago I joined an lgbt swim team. I started in the beginners group, no one there is really a beginner we could all swim but have been taught to swim proper with breathing and everything. Next week I move up to the improvers group. To be a proper member you have to be able to swim for an hour comfortably. I am quite far from this being the case.

Anyway, I have decided to blog my progress and about the stuff that happens at the pool generally, I go swimming 4/5 times a week now.

There are 5 of us in my group, Kevin, Antonio, camp mediterranean guy, easily distracted, Alex, fit euro lez, and a woman whose name I can not make out, not being able to wear my hearing aids makes people that speak quietly totally inaudible in the pool. Anyway at the end of one of the session I waited for Kevin so that we could swop number and maybe go swimming together in the week. We swapped numbers and he asked for my surname as he had a few Nick's in his phone. I then said," oh I don't need your surname there is only one Kevin in my phone and thats Little Kevin and clearly your not Little Kevin", remember folks this is a guy I have just seen in his speedo. He blushed and walked off. Whoops. The following week Kevin asked if I wanted to go for a drink, I misheard and replied, "yeah I will be here next week" then walked off, only realising what he had actually said after it was too late.

Today in the pool the aggressive old woman was there, I once saw a woman trying to make small talk with her and agro woman just pointed to her earplugs and swam away. I quite like her even if she does hit everyone with her backstroke and dictates who goes where in the lane. It is quite interesting that no one ever talks in the pool, well very rarely anyway. Yesterday a man asked about my Frumpies Forever tattoo, I explained that it was a band and he laughed and said he thought it was odd that someone would declare themselves as a Frumpie, I probably would. We swam away. Today a young black kid about 13 was doing lengths like no ones business, he asked if I was going to go first (no one is ever that polite normally) I signaled for him to go first but he just stayed and chatted, mouth full of braces. He told me how the base of the other pool can be raised or lowered to a depth of 3 meters and that was what the beeping noise that sometimes comes on. BROKEN BRITAIN MY ASS MR CAMERON THESE KIDS YOUR LOOKING TO CONDEM TO 'CITIZEN SERVICE' HAVE MORE MANNERS THAN ANY OF YOU FUCKERS.

So from now one when something exciting happens at the pool I will put it here, in my progress blog. I am thinking of signing up for the mile swim across the Thames but not decided if I need the extra pressure right now.
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