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Nick is in work alone, the only one to make it in. Send him a message, a joke, a hug, anything....on line or in the form of a text 07950691453...
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Dude go home! I got a text from my boss telling me not to bother going in! Ruth went in and was sent home at 10am! We're having a fry up in a bap for lunch, YUM! and playing on xbox!!
Jealous maximus! Got a couple of things to get done then heading home. Gotta sort out a Minister to do a debate at 10 this evening..ahhhhh
Poor nick! Parliament would collapse without you you know...

Now I am downloading the L Word and listening to Girls Aloud very loud. It's seriously the best Monday i've ever had!
Awww I hope you get home soon and make a dirty snowman or something!
thanx, looks like i just might get to go home soon-ish. i dont want all the snow to have gone before i leave!!
all the snow better not be gone or i will be angry!!
hehe me and my man!! not sure i'd be so miserable if i was touching the uber-sensitive nick stoakes, maybe i'm just upset coz he is wearing the poloneck that i told him not to!
yes clearly the face of a man who's been involved in a syle row!! I tried to find a chest out pic but there was only one with his head missing.